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We've Updated

All volunteers will now need to create a User Name, even if you've logged in previously using your email address. So, if you don't have a user name, click on Create User Name. Logging in with a user name vs email address will make things much simpler and give you more control. It will allow you to easily add or remove schools and manage them from a single login - even if they have an old email address on file. It will make it easier to change your email address globally or at a single school. Plus, parents can now share a single email account if that is their preference.

There are three quick steps to creating your user name

  1. Create your own User Name and your own Password
  2. Select your school and we'll send a confirmation email to you for that school.
  3. Open the email, click on the confirmation link

You'll only have to do this step one time.

No user name?
Otherwise, please log in using your user name and password.

Do not check this box if you are on a public or shared computer