Jesuit High School Home Access

Returning volunteer?

Log in here to update your volunteer information.

Both email address and password must be filled in

Do you need a password?

If you believe you are already in the system or have forgotten you password, submit your email address in the box below. If we can match it to a record at Jesuit High School, we'll send an email to that address with a new password. If not, we recommend submitting your information in the section below. If you're not certain which step to take, start here.


Not yet in the system or your email address has changed?

If you're new to the system or changed your email address, click here. We'll take you to a form where you can add your information. If you're new, the volunteer coordinator will add you to the database. If you're already in the system, they'll update your contact information.

Important: If you use the same email address for more than one person (ie: husband and wife), we can only use the first occurance we find of that email address. If you would like to have individual access to your information, you will need to use separate email addresses. To change it, click on the link above to notify the volunteer coordinator you have a new email address. Use the comments area in the form that pops up to explain your request.

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