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Thank you for applying to volunteer. Your time is appreciated. After you submit your information, the volunteer coordinator will be in contact. Please allow a reasonable time for processing. If you have any questions, our contact info is at the bottom of this page.

This application contains four very short sections. Please complete all four, they really are short and will just take a few minutes. This information will help us link you to the best opportunities at the best locations for you, especially if you have children in the district.

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School Check-In Procedure

During school hours, every volunteer must sign in and out at the school office each time he/she is on campus to volunteer. Each volunteer must also wear a nametag. The school must maintain a record showing the days and hours each volunteer works. For security purposes and in case of emergency, it is important for administrators to know who is on campus and why.

Supervision of Volunteers

Volunteers work under the direct supervision of the professional staff at each school and only with those teachers who have requested the services of a volunteer. It is the responsibility of the school administration, supervising teachers, or volunteer coordinator to dismiss any volunteer whose actions are not in the best interest of our students or the schools.

While volunteers are an important part of the educational team, the professional staff is responsible by law for decisions that are made regarding the instruction of students, the management of the school, and student safety and discipline. Therefore, volunteers will always work under the supervision of teachers and administrators. We welcome the suggestions and opinions of volunteers as you supplement and support our programs. There are, however, a few things that volunteers should NOT do:

  • Discipline students
  • Be used as a substitute teacher
  • Use student restrooms
  • Counsel students
  • Diagnose student needs
  • Revise the curriculum or teaching plan
  • Grade student work or record grades
  • Have access to student records or medical files
  • Dismiss students from school
  • Work with students without a teacher or staff member present
  • Discuss student progress or student difficulties with parents
  • Give food or medication to students
  • Evaluate achievement
  • Drive District vehicles
  • Distribute advertisements or solicitations or other non-approved literature


As a volunteer, you will meet many wonderful students. Please be aware that volunteers may not telephone students or visit them at their homes. Volunteers may not meet students off campus, or invite students to the volunteer's home. They also may not walk or drive a student home. Contacting or visiting students or any of their family members outside of school without parent permission is strictly prohibited and includes but is not exclusive to email, social media, telephoning, or texting.

It is imperative that all matters pertaining to students remain confidential. Any information regarding problems, progress, grades, relationships, and confidences of students, their parents, and the staff should never be discussed with anyone who does not have the professional right or need to know them. Student information is protected as confidential by federal law (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act).

Anything that a child may confide in you about family matters or personal problems should be kept confidential. Probing into student's family life or private matters is not acceptable. If the information is vital for the school to have in order to help the student, please discuss the child's conversation in private with his or her teacher or school administration.

Child Abuse Reporting

All school district personnel including volunteers are required by Arizona state law (A.R.S. § 13-3620) to report any cases of suspected child abuse. District personnel includes anyone who has responsibility for the care or treatment of a minor. Failure to report is a crime. This applies to all employees and volunteers when acting in the scope of their work with Madison School District. If abuse is suspected, contact the child's teacher, the principal, or the school nurse. They can assist in making the requisite report by calling Department of Child Safety (DCS) at (1-888-767-2445), local law enforcement—Phoenix Police Department (602-262-6151), or both, depending on the circumstances. Suspected child abuse must be reported immediately. Never delay a telephone report until the next day.

Behavior and Dress

Please take your lead from the professional staff and dress appropriately for the job you are doing. We ask that your wear professional attire that is neat and conservative. Your appearance should attract no undue attention. Please do not wear spaghetti straps, revealing clothing, tube tops, tank tops, short-shorts or show bare midriffs. T-shirt messages should be of a positive nature. Keep in mind that you are in a position to set an example for students, therefore your dress, speech and behavior should serve as good models for them to follow. Please follow the District dress code.

Volunteers may not engage in any behavior or activity that may cause harm to themselves or others. In addition, physical contact is not encouraged and should be limited to a brief encouraging behavior such as a 'high five'.

School Rules

Become familiar with the rules, policies, and procedures of the school where you will be volunteering. This can be done through reading the Student-Parent Handbook located on the Madison website at madisonaz.org. The handbook is also available from either the teacher you are working with or the school secretary.


We realize that there may be times that you may be ill, on vacation, or otherwise unable to volunteer. Please notify the school office and leave a message for the teacher or staff member with whom you work and give advance notice when you are unable to volunteer, as the teacher and children are expecting you. Also remember that it is important to be prompt and consistent when working with students. Please do not park in visitor parking spaces.


The needs of students, staff, and volunteers vary when it comes to allergies. For that reason, please consult your school about procedures to be followed regarding allergies. It is critical that these procedures be followed exactly. Do not bring anything to school or give anything to students without consulting the teacher first. For example, a classroom may be a peanut-free zone, or a school may be latex-free, and something as simple as an eraser may be a hazard. Please do not wear perfume or cologne. Please remember to share any special needs you may have with the staff as well.

Cell Phones

To ensure that the learning environment is not disrupted, cell phones are to remain completely silent with limited use when volunteering.


Madison School District does not carry health insurance or worker's compensation insurance for volunteers. Any injuries that occur while volunteering must be reported immediately to the school nurse.

Field Trip/Bathrooms

School administrators and teachers decide how many volunteer chaperones are needed, and which chaperones will attend field trips and overnight trips. Never go to the restroom alone with students. Chaperones should be in pairs when taking students to the restroom.

Working with Students

The staff appreciates your willingness to be a part of the educational team. Following are some tips for working effectively with the staff.

  • Let the staff know what you enjoy doing and what your special skills are so that they can fully utilize your talents.
  • Feel free to ask questions to clarify anything you may need information about to ensure a job well done. We want you to enjoy volunteering and have a rewarding experience.
  • Call the students by name. A child's name is very important, so please make every effort to pronounce and spell each child's name correctly.
  • Observe the techniques used by the teacher and model the instructional methods when working with students. Be consistent with the teacher's rules for classroom behavior. The teacher is always available and ready to handle discipline issues.
  • Accept the children as they are. Every child is unique and may be different from your own. Please be ready to accept differences.
  • Encourage and affirm the students. Your positive words of encouragement will go a long way in helping students feel good about themselves and the work they are doing.
  • Reinforce good behavior. Let students know how proud you are of their good behavior and hard work. Let each child know that you care about him or her. You and the teacher can discuss the use of motivational materials such as stickers. Please do not give students any food items.
  • Be caring but firm. Patiently allow the students to think for themselves and form their own answers. We want learners to have the opportunity to solve problems on their own. Keep them on task to maximize your learning time together.
  • Be a good listener; get down on the student's level. Be careful not to give advice or to make promises that you may not be able to keep.
  • Under no circumstances should students be left unsupervised. Be aware of what they are doing at all times.
  • Never accompany students into the restroom without another adult.
  • Be friendly and enthusiastic. Keep your sense of humor and smile! It's contagious! You can make a difference!


Volunteering is a scheduled, pre-arranged activity. Volunteers and chaperones may not bring other children while volunteering in schools, on field trips, or on overnight trips. Volunteers and chaperones are representatives of the District. Therefore, the District appreciates your positive attitude as you share your volunteering experiences with others. The District thanks you for your commitment to volunteering with Madison School District and serving the needs of our students. Your work is important to the District, the teachers, and especially the students. They look forward to your arrival and appreciate the work you do. Thank you for volunteering in Madison schools!

2 - Do you have students in the district?

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Thank you very much for your application. Volunteers are very important and are very much appreciated here at Madison School District.

We will be in touch as soon as possible and look forward to welcoming you as a volunteer.

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