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Thank you for applying to volunteer. Your time is appreciated. After you submit your information, the volunteer coordinator will be in contact. Please allow a reasonable time for processing. If you have any questions, our contact info is at the bottom of this page.

This application contains four very short sections. Please complete all four, they really are short and will just take a few minutes. This information will help us link you to the best opportunities at the best locations for you, especially if you have children in the district.

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Oregon Trail School District Volunteer Guidelines


To ensure the safety of Oregon Trail students, all of our volunteers are required to annually complete a volunteer registration/criminal history background form, and to review and sign the volunteer guidelines checklist regarding professional conduct and school/district rules.

I understand that volunteers are required to:

  • Sign-in at the front desk upon entering a school building.
  • Wear identification/name tag as required by the school.
  • Only perform services under the direction of an administrator, teacher, or other staff member.
  • Leave the building along with students and staff if there is an emergency drill.

I understand that volunteers shall not:

  • Wear the school identification/name tag at any location in the district or community other than the school that furnished the tag.
  • Bring younger children/siblings to the school while volunteering. Even a quiet, sleeping baby draws the attention of the students away from their schoolwork.
  • Disrupt classroom activities with questions or concerns about their own child. A separate time may be arranged before or after school to conference with a child’s teacher.
  • Engage in political or religious activities while volunteering.
  • Provide first aid or handle any bodily fluid spills. If accidentally exposed to another individual’s body fluid, wash the affected skin thoroughly with soap and water, or flush mucous membranes with water.
  • Publish photos/videos taken of students during a school event or activity, with the exception of children related to the volunteer. This includes any/all public/private social media, blogs, websites, etc. Some students are opted-out of photos/videos for safety reasons.

I understand that volunteers are expected to act professionally and serve as good role models for students. Volunteers shall:

  • Avoid being alone with students in unsupervised locations.
  • Use common sense and follow a hands-off policy with students.
  • Refer any student discipline issues to a school staff member. Never intervene in a dispute unless a student is in danger of being harmed.
  • Uphold confidentiality at all times. As a matter of professional ethics volunteers should not discuss teacher, student, or school affairs with other people.
  • Report suspected child abuse to the principal or other school staff member. It is not appropriate for a volunteer to question a child or comment about any suspicion of abuse. NOTE: There are laws that govern the action that schools are required to take if signs of possible abuse are observed. Keep in mind - some forms of abuse are not outwardly visible. Types of abuse could include physical, mental, or sexual abuse; neglect; or threat of harm.

Volunteers supervising student groups off campus, during field trips, shall:

  • Sign-in at the school office first if riding the bus with students.
  • Check in with the classroom teacher for instructions, supplies, etc.
  • Wear appropriate identification/name tag as required.
  • Never leave children unattended. Keep the group together; restroom breaks should include everyone in the group.
  • Adhere to school guidelines with regard to student discipline. If a student becomes a discipline problem during a field trip, every effort should be made to contact the teacher for intervention.
  • Remember confidentiality! If a troubling situation arises, discuss it with the teacher.
  • Never bring younger children/siblings on a field trip.
  • In case of an emergency:
    • Never split up your group
    • Call 911 immediately
    • Contact the teacher as soon as possible

Insurance disclaimer:

  • I understand Oregon Trail School District does not carry medical insurance or Workman’s Compensation insurance for volunteers. Volunteers are covered under the district’s liability insurance for injuries incurred as a direct result of school or district negligence.

Oregon Trail School District Student Privacy Statement and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

Student Privacy and Volunteer Confidentiality Students in the Oregon Trail School District have the right to expect that information about them will be kept confidential by all volunteers. Additionally, the U.S. congress has addressed the privacy-related concerns of educators, parents, and students by enacting the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (known more commonly as “FERPA” or the “Buckley Amendment”). Among other provisions, FERPA allows the government to withdraw federal funds from any educational institution, including the Oregon Trail School District, which disseminates a student’s education records without his or her parent’s consent.

  • Each student with whom you work has the right to expect that nothing that happens to or about him or her will be repeated to anyone other than authorized school department employees, as designated by the administrators at your school. Even when discussing a student with those who are directly involved in a student’s education, such as a teacher, principal, or guidance counselor, you may not share otherwise confidential information with them unless it is relevant to the student’s educational growth, safety, or well being.
  • You may not share information about a student even with others who are genuinely interested in the student’s welfare, such as social workers, scout leaders, clergy, or nurses/physicians (a grave medical emergency, in which confidential information may be necessary for a student’s care, is the only exception). Thus, you must refer all such questions to the school employees so authorized and indicated to you, typically the student’s teacher or principal.
  • Parents, friends, or community members may in good faith ask you questions about a student’s problems or progress. Again, you must refer all such questions to the authorized school employees. You may not share information about a student even with members of you own family or the student’s family.
  • Before you speak, always remember that violating a student’s confidentiality isn’t just impolite, it’s against the law!

2 - Do you have students in the district?

Do you have a student in the district?*

When you tell us who your students are it allows us to help you get involved with their specific classrooms and activities.
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4 - What are you interested in?

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Tell us which activities you are interested in. Each school you selected above will have its own activities list below. Please take the time to click on each list and select the activities you find interesting.

Thank you very much for your application. Volunteers are very important and are very much appreciated here at Oregon Trail School District.

We will be in touch as soon as possible and look forward to welcoming you as a volunteer.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone - 503-668-5541,
or email us - kelly.myers@ortrail.k12.or.us

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kelly.myers@ortrail.k12.or.us - 503-668-5541.
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