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Thank you for applying to volunteer. Your time is appreciated. After you submit your information, the volunteer coordinator will be in contact. Please allow a reasonable time for processing. If you have any questions, our contact info is at the bottom of this page.

This application contains three very short sections. Please complete all three, they really are short and will just take a minute. This information will help us link you to the best opportunities, especially if you have children in our school.

The items with asterisks are required and must be completed to submit this form. When you have finished the last section, the SUBMIT APPLICATION button will appear.

1 - Tell us about yourself

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Please explain in some detail, including what county and state and in what year*Required

Advisory: A check of the applicant's criminal history will be made by the school to verify the responses to the preceding questions.

I hereby grant to the school permission to check civil or criminal records to verify any statement made on this form. Regardless of whether the applicant grants consent, the school district will conduct a criminal offender record check of applicants for all prospective volunteers.

I acknowledge reading and the receipt of this notice.

Signature*RequiredPlease type your full legal name

2 - Do you have students in the school?

Do you have a student in the school?

When you tell us who your students are it allows us to help you get involved with their specific classrooms and activities.
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Classroom if known

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3 - What Are You Interested In

Please take the time to tell us which activities you are interested in and we will contact when opportunities are available.

Thank you very much for your application. Volunteers are very important and are very much appreciated here at KairosPDX Learning Academy.

We will be in touch as soon as possible and look forward to welcoming you as a volunteer.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us by phone - ,
or email us -

Activity Activity
For volunteering questions, please contact
volunteer@kairospdx.org .
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